Discipline: The Great Human Struggle

Cover of "Julie & Julia"

Cover of Julie & Julia

There’s something about a new year. 365 blank pages waiting for a story to be written. It offers no digression, nothing to be corrected, forgiven or erased; it brings with it only opportunity.

I was recently inspired while watching a light-hearted movie called Julie & Julia. It’s based on two true life stories. One of the great Julia Child and another of a gal named Julie Powell who was a fledgling writer holding down a frustrating and thankless day job. In the movie Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams) is living in a state of what I like to call “righteous discontent”. She is frustrated with herself because she feels that she never finishes anything she starts. Since she finds cooking therapeutic , she decides that she is going to “whip up” 524 recipes (from her Julia Childs cookbook) in 365 days and report her progress daily in her blog! How Fun!

The journey in each of their lives (though they never met) was enlightening. They, like all of us, were just human beings, trying to find their way. They had times of doubt, discouragement, anger, hopelessness and times of great excitement, love, anticipation and triumph.

I was moved to experience for myself in the coming year this great human struggle. Moved to see if I have what it takes to triumph. I believe these two lives manifested greatness because they were passionately engaged in doing what they loved.

Since training in the subject of Engagement & Productivity is what I love, it reaffirmed what I believe to be the most important element of success anywhere you find it… and that is loving what you do!

So for the next 365 days I will passionately and militantly pursue living a highly disciplined goal oriented life. My focus will be centered around inspiring and empowering others to become the best versions of themselves also. And like Julie, I will report daily on my blog; even if I’m my only reader.

Onward & Upward My Friends! Lisa



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