Too Impatient To Be Great

SUCCESS (magazine)

SUCCESS (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the qualities of an entrepreneur, I’ve heard it said, is that they have total confidence and complete ignorance.   I think there is some truth to that statement.  I mean to be a successful entreprenuer you must have tremendous faith in yourself.  We entrepreneurs create our own conditions.  We see the end result of ideas and opportunities in a split second.  Business coaches call this “Global Spectrum Thinkers.”

It’s a great talent to have.  The issue is, we often think so quickly that we see it, we seize it and we innovate on the run.  This is why we often have a higher failure rate in our lives than other people.

Dan Sullivan, a highly sought after business coach, recently said in an interview with  Success Magazine that entrepreneurs are “too impatient to be great.”  I think that is true.  Patience, deliberative and systematic thinking is not in our strength zone.

It’s in the seeking out and collaborating with the deliberative, systematic thinkers that our lives and companies will manifest our global spectrum visions with greatness.

Have you had experience with this same wonderful problem in your life?

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa





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