Don’t Rock The Boat

English: Ship In A Storm

English: Ship In A Storm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would you agree that everyone loves learning about themselves?   When I was younger in my professional development I had a personality profile conducted called “Heritage Profile.”  There is a page in it that says “The Truth About Lisa Thorne”  It goes on to list eleven things that encourage me.

One of the things that encourages me is when I create stability and build from that foundation.  As I consider this attribute I recognize its relationship to productivity.  Without a stable foundation is it really possible to be productive?

Imagine you are on a ship out at sea in the middle of a raging storm.  You have set up your target, you have your bow and arrow and you are ready for target practice.  You are determined to get a bulls-eye.  The boat is rocking violently from side to side and the visibility is poor.  You can hardly stay standing.  Could you do it with that kind of foundation?

How much would your chances improve if you steered to shore, got in out of the storm and set your target on a stable foundation?

May we all plan and reflect and BUILD a solid foundation for our businesses and our lives!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa



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