Brazilian Butt Lift

Consistency Is A Virtue; If You're Not A Screwup

Consistency Is A Virtue; If You’re Not A Screwup (Photo credit: My Silent Side)

It is day 26 in my Productivity Challenge… (my “experiment in human nature”) and I am learning a lot. My most recent lesson is on consistency. As you may remember I began a work out program at the beginning of the year. I am working out for one hour a day seven days a week. The work outs are not light-weight – they are intense “power-pump” hours and are results focused.

I had been enjoying the following benefits from my consistent schedule for the last three weeks.

1. Increased Engery
2. Weight Loss
3. Muscle Tone (looking a lot better in my clothes)
4. Improved Mood
5. Deeper More Rejuvenating Sleep

This past week however, I had a large project due in my training company and I pulled off my “routine” in order to “counter balance” all my responsibilities and meet my deadl.

I did not however, abide by my own rule. Remember the one that says:

“If you erase it; you must replace it?”

So four days in a row passed with no work out. On day three my body became really stiff and sore, my lower back began to hurt, I started to feel “frumpy” again and my energy was much lower.

Today I got up and hit the gym! The same work out that I once breezed right through felt very difficult. It feels as though I am starting over.

The Lesson:  CONSISTENCY! There is power in it!  Tomorrow is Brazilian Butt Lift!  ROAR!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa



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