Not a Square To Spare!

Not A Square tp Spare!


When I saw this “funny”  I sat and stared at it for the longest time.  Not because it was a really funny looking, freaked out guy, caught with his pants down, but because of its message.  I just couldn’t decide if I agreed with it. “Never start a project unless all resources are available.”  What about stepping forward in faith?  What about growing your wings on the way down?  What then of the law of attraction?  What about the things that I know without a doubt are real?  What about the successes I’ve personally experienced even when I pulled the trigger without knowing beforehand where all the resources would come from? Top producers seem to inherently know you can’t wait for all conditions to be right.  Sometimes the right conditions come because you put yourself out there! After wrestling with the question for several days I’ve decided that I agree with the statement… SOMETIMES! In cases of a solid business plan and customer support system you’ve got to have your resources in place.  You can’t, however, wait until you feel like you know enough or you develop enough confidence or you’ve practiced enough to be great!  Those thing come in the doing.  Once you have a plan and your support systems are in place GO FOR IT!  It’s in the putting yourself out there, even when you are imperfect that you receive the opportunities, you meet the right people, you get new ideas, and you begin to succeed! Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa


2 thoughts on “Not a Square To Spare!

  1. It’s like a young couple deciding when to have kids. Is it better to have them after college, when the loans are paid off, career established, etc? Of course not – you have kids and you work it out. The right time for many things is .. now. You know the story … Storm’n Norman didn’t want to engage Iraqi troops until he had MORE tanks, MORE infantry. George Bush Sr. said – you have enough … make it work. And he did. Conditions are never ideal. At some point – you go with what you have and solve the issues that come along the way. There’s never enough money, resources, the weather isn’t good, etc … just do it anyways.


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