Corner Stone of Productivity: Rule #1

In the 1967 filmCool Hand Luke,” one of my favorite scenes is when Strother Martin says to Paul Newman:

“You’re going to get your mind right and I mean right!”

Every time I see that scene I think: “Man, that is so true! Before you can achieve anything of significance you have to “get your mind right.”

There is a little book my mother gave me years ago written by James Allen. It is titled “As a Woman Thinketh.”  A couple of years ago, as I was passing through a particularly difficult period of my life, I picked it up and decided to finally read it. The thesis of this little book (with the BIG MESSAGE) is:

“All that a woman achieves and all that she fails to achieve is the direct result of her own thoughts.”

Cool_Hand_Luke_2001Since it has been scientifically proven that everything physically manifested is first created in the mind, I believe this to be true. Thus the highly important task of managing our thoughts and getting our minds right is the cornerstone of our personal productivity.

We cannot have the lives we want, make the decisions we want, or be the leaders we are capable of being until our actions represent an authentic expression of who we really are and who we wish to become.

This is where it all begins… Positive Self Leadership!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa



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