Productivity: Rule #2 – The Why In Everything

The Purpose Driven Life book cover

The Purpose Driven Life book cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my blog on January 29th I wrote about what society calls a “mid-life crisis.” My contention was: “there is no such thing.” I believe when we arrive at this place of, what I like to call, “righteous discontent” it is because our awareness has grown to the point that we begin to seek “purpose.”

Have you ever really thought about the word purpose? Purpose is defined as: “The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”

Have you ever just been so tired of the rat race that you look around and think: “What in hell is all of this for?”  If you have, that’s probably a clue that you are desiring a more purposeful existence.

So how do we find and connect with our purpose?  There are two books I would highly recommend if you choose to embark upon this process.  One is “Put Your Dream To The Test” by my mentor, Dr. John C. Maxwell and the other is Chapter Two in “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.

Uncovering and connecting with my purpose in life was an emotional journey for me.  Once I could see it clearly, I sorrowed that I had not recognized it sooner.  Knowing your purpose is a powerful motivator; one that will insure you have the tenacity to keep going in spite of all obstacles.  Striving to pursue the fulfillment of your purpose will insure that you have divine assistance in your life from The Grand Overall Designer!

I believe that purpose is a part of our individual creation, that God ultimately made each of us for His purposes and endowed us, during our creation, with His plan for how we will serve him, others and ourselves in this life.  It is in the uncovering, understanding and connecting with that purpose that all things become possible.  I know this is true.

Connecting with our purpose is a process.  It takes soul-searching and asking ourselves sometimes tough questions, but I hope you will.  It’s SO WORTH IT!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa



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