No, You Can’t Have It All!

focusHarvard Business Review published an article written by Eric C. Sinoway in the October 2012 issue.  It’s titled “No, You Can’t Have It All.”

Since I am a raging optimist, the very title of this article peaked my interest.  True to the law of attraction, this article came to my awareness the very moment I was weighing the monumental decision of leaving what had been a lucrative real estate career.  My desire was to shift 100% of my focus to my writing, training and speaking.   For a couple of years I had a feeling that leaving my real estate behind was the necessary step to succeed at the highest levels in my new endeavour.  During those years, I held on to reason and practicality claiming: “It would be crazy to walk away from that kind of money.”  But lately my entire consciousness had become aware of the impossibility of achieving excellence in either endeavour.  My intuition was telling me loud and clear that I had to make a choice!

In the article, Eric speaks of my predicament asserting:

“It’s hard for high-achieving people to accept that they can’t have it all.” 

He goes on to state what I intuitively knew:

“You cannot pursue all your goals simultaneously or satisfy all your desires at once.” 

“You must focus on long-term fulfillment rather than short-term success.”                        

“At various points in your life, you must think carefully about your priorities.”

There was my answer.  I must focus on long-term fulfillment rather than short-term success.  By staying in real estate, which was producing more income than my young training company, I was loosing.

Every decision has two kinds of costs:  Investment Costs and Opportunity Costs.  The time spent focusing on real estate was costing me opportunities in my training company.  Once that became clear to me I confidently and quickly shifted 100% of my time, energy and resources towards the achievement of excellence in writing, training and speaking.

Intuition wins again, proving often we inately know the best course.  From now on I will trust my inner voice and make course corrections immediately.

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa


4 thoughts on “No, You Can’t Have It All!

    • Thanks Lisa! I was hoping you would be reading and catch the HUGE VALUE I found in what you sent over to me. I thought about mentioning you by name but didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. THANK YOU MY FRIEND! I’m thankful you are so in-tune with promptings! Your timing was perfect! See you tomorrow. Can’t wait!


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