Was I Morphing Into A Super Hero?

StardustelementsI knew something was going on when I could no longer feel fear. It’s strange, since I began this productivity challenge, I feel like nothing about me is the same. I even find myself wondering if I’m even making any sense to the people who know me. I sound so different to myself. I feel so full of abundance, like nothing is impossible.  I feel so full of gratitude and I look forward to each new day with great anticipation.

Just as I was wondering if I was morphing into a super hero, I realized that everything that was going on inside me was as it should be based on natural law.  God gave me a seed, (an idea of my purpose) back in 2009 (this is the gift of conscious awareness).  I took that seed (the gift) through the incubation and gestation period that all good seeds must go through.  I planted that seed in good soil:  Soil of faith, gratitude and laser focus (turning it back to God in my spirit).  I now have great expectation because I know I have created a supportive environment conducive to its growth.

In my expanded awareness that all human ideas, purposes and aspirations are spiritual gifts given to our intellectual minds from the Grand Overall Designer, I am able to move forward in the absence of fear with great expectations.  These gifts are like an electrical current.  They must always return to the source from which they originated.  So it is with our gifts, it is in the stepping forward in faith not knowing how we will achieve His vision for our lives that we return the gift to the source from which it originated.  In so doing, we realize that nothing will be achieved by us only through us and the physical manifestation of our vision is just around the corner.

The highest levels of achievement come from first expanding our awareness!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa



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