8 Questions To Test Reality

PerspectiveWhen speaking of the source of all revelation, science calls it “energy,” Christianity calls it “God.” Both however, acknowledge this creative power comes from a higher source to a lower source in the form of either an idea, spiritual vibration or, as Christians call it personal revelation.  Whatever our individual belief system, it is a omniscent higher power speaking to us.  That is how the creative process begins.

Each new idea brings with it a new opportunity… an opportuntity given to us as a gift from God.  The problem is most of us immediately engage “The Law of Relativity” as we are considering our new idea and we kill it.  As far as God is concerned we can do it.  But in our humanness we doubt, we worry and because it’s bigger than anything we’ve done before we abort it from disbelief.  My mentor, Paul Martinelli, taught The Law of Relativity this way:

1. Take out a blank sheet of paper.

2. In the middle of the paper draw a box.

3. Now, what size box did you draw? Is it big, small or medium?

4. To the right of that box draw a larger box.

5. Now is the first box big or small?

6. Write a #1 in the first box you drew and a #2 in the second box you drew.

7. Now to the left of box #1 draw a smaller box and but a #3 inside it.

8. Now, Is the first box you drew big or small?

See?  We don’t know until we can compare it to something else.  The truth about the size of the three boxes is that they simply “are” until compared to something else.  The truth about our goals is that they simply “are” until compared to something else. So many times when we are setting our goals we engage this law and sabotage our success.  The key is catching ourselves when we start limiting our beliefs about what is possible by playing this comparison game.

NOW HEAR THIS:  The only reason to ever look at our current results or “our current circumstances” is to gain feedback to alter the creative process moving forward.  Current results are a reflection of where we’ve been and have nothing to do with where we can goWho we ARE is much greater than anything we’ve EVER DONE!

When we change the way we look at things, the things we’re looking at change.

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa



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