Demonizing Human Vice

Do you ever notice? The media loves to demonize human vice! The whole world can go crazy and do whatever they want. They do it in the name of freedom!  Let a person who has accomplished a “higher than average” amount of excellence in some area of their life screw up and watch the media devour them!

When the Tiger Woods scandal hit the entire planet I thought a lot about this. What makes his mistakes and choices any bigger than anyone elses? I finally arrived at the answer:  Nothing!  He’s just a bigger name and that’s the only reason it was news… or as Don Henley says “dirty laundry.”

People who seek excellence and high levels of achievement in their lives push themselves way beyond what they previously saw as their “limits.”   Whatever else they may do wrong, THEY WORK!   As glamorous as it all looks to us, these “over-achievers” often have very demanding, very controlled, disciplined lives.  At some point they just feel like they need a break.  They want to just check out, shut down, turn it off and escape.  This is when over-achievers have the temptation to turn to vice.

Being an over-achiever myself, I understood how this could have happened in Tiger’s life.  I was saddened at his struggle.  As I was considering the terrible public trial he was going through I thought a lot about vice and it’s opposite, Virtue!  Defined as:  behavior showing high moral standards.

What I’ve concluded through my own life experience and the struggles of others is vice provides temporary release and relief and is usually accompanied with remorse, worry and regret.  Virtue creates long-term stability, strengthens relationships, enhances the chances of happiness and a joyful life.  Vice is like a band-aid, virtue heals the wounds.

Beware my friends on your way up.  Don’t forget to always remember your source of personal power and virtue and plug-in daily!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa


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