Free Quick Fix’s

ProductivitySolutionsTwo days ago; in my post on ritual rhythm; I shared how we can ride a wave of productivity every day and achieve more than we ever thought possible.

Today I would like to share with you a process I completed in my own business that has greatly increased our teams effectiveness, time management, organization and overall productivity.  As with anything it takes a slight up front investment in time but once you get it up and running it’s smooth, efficient sailing!

Ultimately you are capitalizing productivity through effective use of technology.  One of the issues we were having was scheduling conflicts.  We were always having to check with each other to see if time was available to schedule this, that or the other thing.  Know-one knew what the others availability was.

The solution was simple. We all started using google calendar and shared our calendars.  Now we can immediately view one another’s calendars, (in real-time) make client commitments and notify everyone involved with one mouse click.  We can confirm the appointment with the client on the spot with no need for future follow-up.  Free fix!

Next we set google calendar alarms to notify us of appoints via text messages.  We even set “leave now” alarms so we are never late for an appointment.  Another free fix!

For file sharing we installed Dropbox so we can all access the working files in real-time.  This was a $9.99 per month investment.  As our need grows and projects become more interactive we will begin using a project management program called Asana.  Another free fix for up to 33 users.

Lastly, we are using Evernote for clipping things from the web, note taking and file and receipt storage.  It’s so cool!  As an aspiring writer one of the things I do every day is read and file.  Filing quotes in Evernote is wonderful!  You can just scan them in as a pdf file and joila!  Now when you want to talk about courage (for example) you type the word in, hit search and all the articles referencing that word are pulled up and ready for your review.  You can even scan your home depot receipts in and search that way.   When you want to make a return, no more searching for the receipt.  It’s in your evernote.  You just grab your iPad and head off to the store.   When you get there, you type in “Home Depot,” the receipt pulls up complete with the bar code.  The store scans it and completes the exchange.  It’s been a great way to go paperless and have a rock’in filing system that you can literally take with you everywhere you go!

Those are the big three that, if implemented, will give you an immediate return on your investment.  Remember though, ultimately excellence in time management still remains in our human hands!

Time Management Is Self Management (

Onward & Upward My Friends,  Lisa








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