Will Someone Change Me Please?

I’ve heard it said that everyone wants to grow but only babies want to be changed.  Isn’t that true?  Many of us want to be, do and have more but we don’t want to have to change in the process.

Achievers understand that a prerequisite of growth is change and they seek it!  The seek environments where they are uncomfortable!

When you are comfortable, you know all the answers, you operate much of the time on “auto pilot,” you are no longer challenged.  It feels as though you have “arrived.”  As I reflect on my professional life, I have had three distinct career changes.  I recently realized why.  I have changed my career path each time I have found myself comfortable.  When I was no longer challenged, I moved out of what I was doing into something more challenging.

It is good to be “ahead of your game” but it is also Walking Fishimportant to play in an arena where you are at the back of the class!

What’s made you uncomfortable lately?  If you can’t think of anything maybe you need to consider changing up your game and playing in a bigger arena.

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa


One thought on “Will Someone Change Me Please?

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