These Shoes Are Made For Walking

walkingshoesA strong thread running through the tapestry of every great leader is courage. It takes courage to walk away from relationships with people you care about when they begin acting in ways that compromise your integrity.  In the end if we are to be leaders and achieve any level of sustainable success that is exactly what we must do.

Abraham Lincoln said “Stand with anybody that stands right… and part with him when he goes wrong.” Simple concept but sometimes difficult to do.  How easy it can be for the lines to get blurred especially in cases of friendships where often deep emotions are felt.

In the ever-increasing rapidity of this world, it is easy to find ourselves squarely facing tough situations that require definite and sometimes immediate choices.  The key to making the right choice and escaping with your character and integrity in tact is preparation.  Be prepared.  Be prepared for everything!  Be prepared for the unexpected.  Be prepared for even the unimaginable.  Every living being knows right from wrong.  If it’s right do it; if it’s not, don’t!  That’s how you win!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa



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