They Did; Can You?

In todays “small business” climate so many people are living the fake it till you make it philosophy that it is often hard to gauge economic reality.  Only secure people can come out from behind their “image” and state the reality of their present position, share ideas and develop strategies to increase production volume and create a higher level of abundance.  comedy-mask-wearable

Today I met with a number of “secure people.”  What a privilege it was!  What progress we all enjoyed as we shared our struggles, our successes, our perceptions, our limiting beliefs, the realities of our current level of business development and the areas we are each working to grow in .

In the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin it is clear this practice of synergistic collaboration was common-place.  It brought about a greater level of success for all who participated.  What is it about our present day society that largely inhibits this type of growth?  Has striving for the “competitive advantage” become a disadvantage?

Secure leaders are able to share their knowledge, experience and strategies because they understand there is room for competition.  Some clients will resonate with their message and some clients will resonate with the message of another.  Secure leaders believe in Abundance.  In their world there really is enough for everyone.  Enough opportunity, enough work and enough money.

Once your level awareness grows to the point where you can “play” in this arena expect great things.  If you are not quite there yet you can aspire to it.  A good trick to start with is to increase your conscious awareness of when you start to feel fear.  Track those times and complete these questions:

1.  I just became fearful when _________.

2.  I felt fearful because ______________.

3.  I have a need for _________________.

Then replace them with:  In the future I will ___________________.

If synergistic collaboration worked for Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie it will work for us!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa



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