The Scourge of Adonis Adaptation

Happiness mind-map

Happiness mind-map

Have you ever looked closely at the anatomy of the word “behave?”  It is “Be & Have.”  It could be considered a universal truth that it is in the nature of all humans to seek to be more and have more.  In the psychological world they claim that as we become more and acquire more we adjust to our higher level of “being and having,” thus it becomes a “relative state” and we continue to seek more.  This human behavior is so prevalent they have even given it a name… Adonis Adaptation.  Sadly, what is more interesting is researchers have dubbed Adonis Adaptation as the main enemy of happiness.

So what then is happiness?  If achieving, acquiring and having more won’t obtain and sustain it, what will?  And why is happiness so important?  We could talk about that for the rest of our lives but in short, and as it applies to productivity in the work place,  employers want happy people!  Why?  They can teach the job, the skill set, the culture but they can’t teach attitude… they can’t teach happiness!  Happiness just makes everything more fun, it brings more positive energy, breeds momentum and builds strong culture!

In my short 48 years on this planet I have come to the determination that in order to obtain and sustain the highest levels of happiness we must behave ourselves.  It’s that simple.  Positive self leadership is the key.  It is not hard to do once you identify the things you truly value.  Once identified, become intentional around them.  Live close to that value system, honor it and manifest externally who you are becoming internally.  If, as you take inventory of yourself you find that there are areas that are out of alignment; don’t beat yourself up, just resolve to make the necessary changes to get back into alignment.   Life really can change on a dime.

It is a good cause to embark upon, after all, everything really does rise and fall on leadership and your legacy will be determined by who you were; not just what you knew.

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa


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