Ignite Your Personal Power!


Where your focus goes, your energy flows”… Walt Emerson.  I have experimented on his words and can attest they are true!  Could this be the reason we seem to be short of energy most days?  Because it is constantly flowing out of us in a million different directions?  personal power

I believe that we as women are constantly receiving the subtle message that more is required from us.  In many cases we are managing the finances, have primary responsibility for the care and nurture of the children, planning the family vacations, keeping the house, doing the laundry, the grocery shopping, tending the pets, preparing the meals, the yard work and in some cases even running a home based business!

When is enough ever enough?  When we recognize and mobilize our own inner voice that’s when!  Now I’m not talking about selfishness; I’m talking about high levels of achievement on your own terms!

Everyone’s definition of success is different. To some it may be becoming a New York Times best-selling author.  To someone else it may be being a good mother.  To yet another it may be living an authentic life or being a good daughter to aging parents.

My definition of success is achieving your goals (whatever they may be) on your own terms with an authentic expression of who you are.  With so many voices talking to us; it is sometimes hard to hear the most important one… the one who really does have all the answers… our own voice!

It is possible to live a joyful energetic life; counter balancing the myriad of responsibilities we have.  We can even make more money in our businesses if we choose to!

The secret is living a life by design!  A life YOU design and that’s what igniting your personal power is all about!

I’m sharing my journey and the way I achieved my life by design at the upcoming Interactive Women’s Conference at Boise Centre on the Grove, May 11, 2013.  Boise Idaho.  I hope to meet you there!

Until then, Onward & Upward My Friends!  Lisa


Shelf Help or Self Help?

It’s been said the biggest disparity in human-kind is between that which we know and that which we do.  I think that’s true.  There is know one more guilty of this than me.  If you could walk into my office you would be stunned at the amount of educational books, cd’s and dvd’s I have stuffing the shelves. In my dream-world I have read them all and applied all the wisdom from between their pages.  In fact, that is my goal!  cotton-tapestry-throw-cat-sleeping-bookshelf

If you aspire to be a high achiever start by recognizing that “a position” cannot make the leader.  The leader makes the position.  It’s not what you have; it’s who you are.  In order to truly succeed at the highest levels we must continually seek to increase our consciousness and improve our awareness.

Jim Rohn said: “Formal education gets you a job; self-education gets you rich!  Profits are better than wages.  Wages make you a living and that’s fine. But profits make you a fortune and that’s super-fine!”

These little gems of philosophy from the masters inspired me to become more in my own life.  I hope they do the same for you.  It’s really as simple as re-allocating your time and becoming intentional around implementing a personal education plan.

I have!  I hope you will too!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa

Crazy Surprise!

English: Business Process Reengineering Cycle

English: Business Process re-engineering Cycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is day 17 into my experiment in “Discipline” and what a surprise! I learned a HUGE LESSON today about the power of process!

Waking at 7:00 AM, I rolled out of bed feeling stiff and slow. I immediately thought: “maybe I’ll skip my Power Pump class this morning and just hit my Piyo class tonight. I’ve got tons to do.”

Absent mindedly I step on to the scales, and find that I have lost 6 pounds in the last two weeks. As I am jumping into the shower I’m thinking “that’s crazy!” How did I do that? Then it occurred to me!

When you put the proper process in place and just follow the process it becomes powerful! There is POWER in the process!

“Of course,” I thought, “I should have expected this.”

When you put the proper processes in place and just follow the process you literally shift into auto pilot.  You can and should expect the results you desire.

Great lesson today!  What lessons are you learning?

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa

P.S. I was so inspired by that lesson, I went ahead with my AM work out! I’m not stiff and slow anymore. I’m glad I followed the process.