Do Leopards Change Their Spots?


Namibie_Etosha_Leopard_01editYears ago I overheard one of my associates, who I deeply respected, say:  “Leopards don’t change their spots.”   Now I knew this man to be someone who stayed out of personal judgement and always sought to make fair assessments of people.  Hearing him say this deeply troubled me because at that time I was fighting a very personal battle in my life that would take me years to defeat.

During the weeks and months that followed as I was struggling to overcome the challenge I was facing his statement would return to my mind…

“Leopards don’t change their spots.” 

This would replay in my mind at least every other day.  I began to feel hopeless.  Afterall, I thought, “he must be right.  He is so fair-minded and so full of wisdom.  I guess this is just who I am.  I’m a lost cause.  I am unworthy.”

It would be years later, as I was comforting someone I cared for deeply, when I heard myself say:

“That’s the wonderful thing about life!  It changes on a dime!  If you don’t like who you are or what you are doing; step out just like you stepped in!  It’s that simple!”

And it was!   I realized that day, of all the animals in the world, I think the Leopard is among the most beautiful and so was I. I had been living far below my privileges as a beautiful, intelligent divine human being.  It was then I stepped out & stepped up and into my potential!

It is never too late for any of us to step into our potential.


Sometimes WHAT WE DO is not who we are!  The challenge is to know the difference!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa


I’m Out


tiredDay 50 of my Productivity Challenge and I’M BEAT so tonight I’ll just speak from the heart.  Sorry no profound thoughts to share.

Fortunately for me, I have taken the time on the front end to figure out why I want to venture into this new business in the first place.  So even though life feels all up hill in the midst of the launch stage, I still remember what I’ve set out to do and that is what keeps me going.

All my mentors have taught me about “the natural law of rhythm.”  They’ve said that when you feel you are at a rhythmic low, you should stop doing.  Don’t stop being but definitely stop doing.  The big mistake I made this weekend is that when I started to feel mentally exhausted I just pushed through it.  I felt the rhythmic low but I was too stubborn to listen.  That cost me two days of lowered productivity!

Lesson learned… I’m hitting the sack now.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  Sometimes that’s all we can do.

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa