Ignite Your Personal Power!


Where your focus goes, your energy flows”… Walt Emerson.  I have experimented on his words and can attest they are true!  Could this be the reason we seem to be short of energy most days?  Because it is constantly flowing out of us in a million different directions?  personal power

I believe that we as women are constantly receiving the subtle message that more is required from us.  In many cases we are managing the finances, have primary responsibility for the care and nurture of the children, planning the family vacations, keeping the house, doing the laundry, the grocery shopping, tending the pets, preparing the meals, the yard work and in some cases even running a home based business!

When is enough ever enough?  When we recognize and mobilize our own inner voice that’s when!  Now I’m not talking about selfishness; I’m talking about high levels of achievement on your own terms!

Everyone’s definition of success is different. To some it may be becoming a New York Times best-selling author.  To someone else it may be being a good mother.  To yet another it may be living an authentic life or being a good daughter to aging parents.

My definition of success is achieving your goals (whatever they may be) on your own terms with an authentic expression of who you are.  With so many voices talking to us; it is sometimes hard to hear the most important one… the one who really does have all the answers… our own voice!

It is possible to live a joyful energetic life; counter balancing the myriad of responsibilities we have.  We can even make more money in our businesses if we choose to!

The secret is living a life by design!  A life YOU design and that’s what igniting your personal power is all about!

I’m sharing my journey and the way I achieved my life by design at the upcoming Interactive Women’s Conference at Boise Centre on the Grove, May 11, 2013.  Boise Idaho.  I hope to meet you there!

Until then, Onward & Upward My Friends!  Lisa


A Carrot, A Stick or A Drill Sergeant?


Fulfilling an entrepreneur or sales position of any kind is no easy task.  Half the battle is knowing what your tasks are!  Having a great plan is not enough.  You’ve got to have a great plan and work that great plan consistently every day!mm-drill-sgt_132376c

Last week I found myself completely derailed on one of my health goals.  As I  talk with my coach I discovered that when I began I had that goal tied to a purpose. During that time I did great!  Once the purpose was removed I let up on the committment, pulled out of the process, starting beating my head up against a wall and wondering why I needed so much “will-power” to get it done!  We all know “will-power” will get you going but it won’t keep you going.  In order to get realigned with my health goal I had to put another purpose in place… another BIG WHY for Lisa!  Once that was done; I am happy to say committment has once again taken over and I’m back on track.

Many of you know I firmly believe coaching.  Coaching others & receiving coaching from others.  Currently I am receiving coaching in the following areas:  Health, Speaking, Writing, Sales and even coaching on being a great coach.  My “coaching” coach is a world-class coach, Mr. Ed DeCosta.   Here is what he ask the other day:

“What do you need, a carrot, a stick or a drill sergeant?”  After my recent experience with my health coach I’ve learned I NEED A CARROT!

What do you need to be impeccable with your word, to honor your daily agenda and to work your great plan consistently?  I would appreciate hearing your experiences.

Onward & Upward My Friends,  Lisa




Do Leopards Change Their Spots?


Namibie_Etosha_Leopard_01editYears ago I overheard one of my associates, who I deeply respected, say:  “Leopards don’t change their spots.”   Now I knew this man to be someone who stayed out of personal judgement and always sought to make fair assessments of people.  Hearing him say this deeply troubled me because at that time I was fighting a very personal battle in my life that would take me years to defeat.

During the weeks and months that followed as I was struggling to overcome the challenge I was facing his statement would return to my mind…

“Leopards don’t change their spots.” 

This would replay in my mind at least every other day.  I began to feel hopeless.  Afterall, I thought, “he must be right.  He is so fair-minded and so full of wisdom.  I guess this is just who I am.  I’m a lost cause.  I am unworthy.”

It would be years later, as I was comforting someone I cared for deeply, when I heard myself say:

“That’s the wonderful thing about life!  It changes on a dime!  If you don’t like who you are or what you are doing; step out just like you stepped in!  It’s that simple!”

And it was!   I realized that day, of all the animals in the world, I think the Leopard is among the most beautiful and so was I. I had been living far below my privileges as a beautiful, intelligent divine human being.  It was then I stepped out & stepped up and into my potential!

It is never too late for any of us to step into our potential.


Sometimes WHAT WE DO is not who we are!  The challenge is to know the difference!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa

I’m Out


tiredDay 50 of my Productivity Challenge and I’M BEAT so tonight I’ll just speak from the heart.  Sorry no profound thoughts to share.

Fortunately for me, I have taken the time on the front end to figure out why I want to venture into this new business in the first place.  So even though life feels all up hill in the midst of the launch stage, I still remember what I’ve set out to do and that is what keeps me going.

All my mentors have taught me about “the natural law of rhythm.”  They’ve said that when you feel you are at a rhythmic low, you should stop doing.  Don’t stop being but definitely stop doing.  The big mistake I made this weekend is that when I started to feel mentally exhausted I just pushed through it.  I felt the rhythmic low but I was too stubborn to listen.  That cost me two days of lowered productivity!

Lesson learned… I’m hitting the sack now.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  Sometimes that’s all we can do.

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa

Pardon Me, While I Interrupt Your Rudeness!


RudenessHave you ever been moving through your day with a high level of intentionality and tons of positive energy only to find yourself suddenly thrown into someone elses drama?  What do you do?  My first response is to flee! Everybody who knows me knows I don’t like drama in any of its nasty forms:  Gossip, lack of communication, negative assumptions, victim mentality, stubborn lack of cooperation, being easily offended, passive aggressive behaviors… and the list literally goes on forever!

What causes this negative behavior?  My opinion is a lack of awareness.  You can tell a persons level of awareness by the amount of drama they either bring to life or participate in.

So what do you when you find yourself in this uncomfortable position?  I think the key is to first increase your own level of awareness.   As we do, we become better equipped to give grace to others, and are less inclined to participate in the drama behaviors.  During our growth, we realize that we are not right and they are not wrong, but our perspectives are just different.  We understand that even though we see the issue in a completely different reality, their reality is their truth.  They really do believe what they believe!

Lately I am practicing resisting the urge to flee.   Afterall, if I flee, doesn’t that make it all about me?  I mean if we remove ourselves from the situation we can stop “dealing with that person” but we also have now closed the door of opportunity to help them grow.

I meet them where they are… at their level of awareness.  I listen intently to their drama and seek to understand.  While they are spilling everything in a highly charged, emotional way, I calmly and unemotionally listen for questions I can ask them (when they are done with their rant) to help them self discover other, more constructive ways to view the circumstances and rise out of the drama.

Afterall, isn’t that what life is about?  Paying it forward?  Being rivers not reservoirs?  Letting things flow through us not just to us?  It was through this process I grew in my level of awareness and through this process we can assist others to grow theirs!  Eventually we’ll all be equipped to rise above the drama.  Abolish Drama!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa

3 Minutes of Regret


seedling-300x285Every new idea or dream is like a seed.  At the beginning of the year I spent several days going back through my journals, goals and vision.  I read all the way to 2009 in an effort to connect with my purpose and gain clarity around my vision.  What I found was that I had known my purpose FOR YEARS!  My heart was heavy with regret and I heard my inner voice asking “Why? Why didn’t you pull the trigger on the achievement of my dreams years ago?”  I gave myself three minutes of regret time and then I started  looking for the lessons.

Here is what I learned:

1.  Every new idea is like a seed. All seeds that grow have an incubation and gestation period. That is what these past years have been for me, my incubation and gestation period.

2.  The more in touch you are with your life’s purpose and the more clarity you have around your vision, the shorter the incubation and gestation time will be.

3.  Having clarity allows you to pull the trigger sooner to launch your dreams and you are more prepared to recognize and seize opportunities that come your way.

Clarity of purpose and vision insures that your seed will grow quickly and grow strong!  It’s a grand accelerator!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa