What’s Your Intention?


Fireworks #1


Lately I’ve been thinking on a single question so I’ll ask it of you:“What one thing (if you achieved it this year) would make 2013 the greatest so far in your life?”

I would love to hear your answer. Since discovering my own answer to that question I have done the following:

1. I set intentions around it! I wrote a statement of future results. I did this because in doing so I had to write it down. By writing it down I commanded it to my subconscious mind so it could get to work on completing it.

2. I got specific about it. I described it in great detail and then said “or something better.” Example: I will publish my book “Jesus; A Mighty Warrior” by December 31, 2013 or sooner! (That’s my something better.)

3. I scheduled my intentions into actions. (Daily Action Items)

4. The actions, that seemed overwhelming (like research) I broke down into manageable steps and for manageable amounts of time each day.

I guess I can pretty much count on 2013 being my best year ever! I hope you can too.

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa


Do Leopards Change Their Spots?


Namibie_Etosha_Leopard_01editYears ago I overheard one of my associates, who I deeply respected, say:  “Leopards don’t change their spots.”   Now I knew this man to be someone who stayed out of personal judgement and always sought to make fair assessments of people.  Hearing him say this deeply troubled me because at that time I was fighting a very personal battle in my life that would take me years to defeat.

During the weeks and months that followed as I was struggling to overcome the challenge I was facing his statement would return to my mind…

“Leopards don’t change their spots.” 

This would replay in my mind at least every other day.  I began to feel hopeless.  Afterall, I thought, “he must be right.  He is so fair-minded and so full of wisdom.  I guess this is just who I am.  I’m a lost cause.  I am unworthy.”

It would be years later, as I was comforting someone I cared for deeply, when I heard myself say:

“That’s the wonderful thing about life!  It changes on a dime!  If you don’t like who you are or what you are doing; step out just like you stepped in!  It’s that simple!”

And it was!   I realized that day, of all the animals in the world, I think the Leopard is among the most beautiful and so was I. I had been living far below my privileges as a beautiful, intelligent divine human being.  It was then I stepped out & stepped up and into my potential!

It is never too late for any of us to step into our potential.


Sometimes WHAT WE DO is not who we are!  The challenge is to know the difference!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa

8 Questions To Test Reality


PerspectiveWhen speaking of the source of all revelation, science calls it “energy,” Christianity calls it “God.” Both however, acknowledge this creative power comes from a higher source to a lower source in the form of either an idea, spiritual vibration or, as Christians call it personal revelation.  Whatever our individual belief system, it is a omniscent higher power speaking to us.  That is how the creative process begins.

Each new idea brings with it a new opportunity… an opportuntity given to us as a gift from God.  The problem is most of us immediately engage “The Law of Relativity” as we are considering our new idea and we kill it.  As far as God is concerned we can do it.  But in our humanness we doubt, we worry and because it’s bigger than anything we’ve done before we abort it from disbelief.  My mentor, Paul Martinelli, taught The Law of Relativity this way:

1. Take out a blank sheet of paper.

2. In the middle of the paper draw a box.

3. Now, what size box did you draw? Is it big, small or medium?

4. To the right of that box draw a larger box.

5. Now is the first box big or small?

6. Write a #1 in the first box you drew and a #2 in the second box you drew.

7. Now to the left of box #1 draw a smaller box and but a #3 inside it.

8. Now, Is the first box you drew big or small?

See?  We don’t know until we can compare it to something else.  The truth about the size of the three boxes is that they simply “are” until compared to something else.  The truth about our goals is that they simply “are” until compared to something else. So many times when we are setting our goals we engage this law and sabotage our success.  The key is catching ourselves when we start limiting our beliefs about what is possible by playing this comparison game.

NOW HEAR THIS:  The only reason to ever look at our current results or “our current circumstances” is to gain feedback to alter the creative process moving forward.  Current results are a reflection of where we’ve been and have nothing to do with where we can goWho we ARE is much greater than anything we’ve EVER DONE!

When we change the way we look at things, the things we’re looking at change.

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa

Was I Morphing Into A Super Hero?


StardustelementsI knew something was going on when I could no longer feel fear. It’s strange, since I began this productivity challenge, I feel like nothing about me is the same. I even find myself wondering if I’m even making any sense to the people who know me. I sound so different to myself. I feel so full of abundance, like nothing is impossible.  I feel so full of gratitude and I look forward to each new day with great anticipation.

Just as I was wondering if I was morphing into a super hero, I realized that everything that was going on inside me was as it should be based on natural law.  God gave me a seed, (an idea of my purpose) back in 2009 (this is the gift of conscious awareness).  I took that seed (the gift) through the incubation and gestation period that all good seeds must go through.  I planted that seed in good soil:  Soil of faith, gratitude and laser focus (turning it back to God in my spirit).  I now have great expectation because I know I have created a supportive environment conducive to its growth.

In my expanded awareness that all human ideas, purposes and aspirations are spiritual gifts given to our intellectual minds from the Grand Overall Designer, I am able to move forward in the absence of fear with great expectations.  These gifts are like an electrical current.  They must always return to the source from which they originated.  So it is with our gifts, it is in the stepping forward in faith not knowing how we will achieve His vision for our lives that we return the gift to the source from which it originated.  In so doing, we realize that nothing will be achieved by us only through us and the physical manifestation of our vision is just around the corner.

The highest levels of achievement come from first expanding our awareness!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa