10 Things That Make Over-Achievers Weird


So you’re called an overachiever… should you be offended?  It is true that “overachievers” don’t live their lives like the majority.  In our society “different” often is translated into “weird.”  After dueling considering the question, I’ve decided I’m okay with it!  Call me weird!  I know I’m different and that’s just the way I like it!

10 Things Over Achievers Do:

1. They make lists and check things off.  Often these lists are organized in order of priority with assigned completion dates.

2. They viciously guard their time.  They may appear that they have no time for you.  This is a common misconception.  They have plenty of time for you but they do plan their days in advance (often several weeks out.)  Scheduling is a very important element to their productivity.  They would never expect you to drop everything for them and they appreciate it when you show the same courtesy when possible.

3. They are not afraid to make complete fools of themselves!   They love accountability so often they will freely tell the world their goals & dreams.  They know if they don’t hit them they will have given it their best shot.  It doesn’t bother them to admit they are still learning, stretching and growing.

4.  They openly shares their screw ups!  Because they are always stretching out of their comfort zone and moving into the unknown, they often have more failure than others.  The way they see it it’s just part of succeeding.  They fail fast and fail often, but they are okay with this!  They see failures as feedback and each failure gets them closer to success!

5. They have an intense need for freedom.  Over-achievers often refuse to work just for money.  Sound weird?  Well it kind’of is; since work is commonly thought of as the means to provide.  Over-achievers however, understand what their time is worth, they desire to make a difference doing something that will make a difference.  They seek to work in arena’s that give them that opportunity on a larger scale.

6.  They work around energy not time.  Many entrepreneurs will inherently understand this statement.  In many cases this is why they are entrepreneurs.  Overachievers seem to be more closely connected to the Universal Law of Rhythm.  They feel their rhythmic  highs and lows and create in bursts instead of steady flows.

7.  They are hugely learning based.  Nothing is more valuable to an over-achiever than knowledge.  You will often see an overachiever (if they do go to work for or with someone else) take a position that pays less than what they could earn somewhere else.  They will sacrifice the money to spend their time where they will learn, grow, contribute and achieve the most.

8.  They are agents of change.  They are never satisfied with mediocrity or the status quo.  They are leaders.  Leaders understand that to grow you must change.  Managers seek to maintain a process.  Leaders seek to improve a process.  To improve you must change.

9.  They think they’re funny.  They see the humor in all their big dreams and aspirations.  They know they are marching to the beat of a drum most people don’t hear and believe it or not; they are okay with that too!  They don’t take themselves too seriously.  For them it’s all about making a positive difference and seeing what they can achieve.

10.  They appear overly confident.  The reason many over-achievers “appear” this way is because they truly have very few limiting beliefs about not only what is possible, but what is possible for them and for everyone else on the planet.  They truly believe in their own potential and the potential of other people.

The biggest thing that gets an overachiever down is that they know everyone can; but they see that not everyone will.

I would love to hear your opinions… Onward & Upward My Friends!  Lisa


Results Don’t Lie


Don’t you just love those friends that will tell you the absolute truth?  Not in a mean-spirited way but with “care-frontation?”  If we are to ever achieve greatness in our individual journeys we must have those people in our lives.

Brian Tracy said: “One of the best uses of your time is to increase your competence in your key results areas.”

As I considered this statement in my own career I came up with a list of my key results areas.  They are:  1. Speaking, 2. Writing, 3. Creating and 4. Training.   Recognizing the truth in the statement “you must learn more before you can earn more,” I devote two hours of each day increasing my competency in these areas.  I research, I write and I rehearse.  My intention is to turn information into transformation.learn-to-earn-logo-192x300

Where would you like to transform yourself?  What are your key results areas and what do you do to increase your competency and hone your craft?

If you are struggling to find the answers finish these statements:  I am… I do… For who… so that they can… and become…

I would love to hear from you.

Onward & Upward My Friends,

3 Minutes of Regret


seedling-300x285Every new idea or dream is like a seed.  At the beginning of the year I spent several days going back through my journals, goals and vision.  I read all the way to 2009 in an effort to connect with my purpose and gain clarity around my vision.  What I found was that I had known my purpose FOR YEARS!  My heart was heavy with regret and I heard my inner voice asking “Why? Why didn’t you pull the trigger on the achievement of my dreams years ago?”  I gave myself three minutes of regret time and then I started  looking for the lessons.

Here is what I learned:

1.  Every new idea is like a seed. All seeds that grow have an incubation and gestation period. That is what these past years have been for me, my incubation and gestation period.

2.  The more in touch you are with your life’s purpose and the more clarity you have around your vision, the shorter the incubation and gestation time will be.

3.  Having clarity allows you to pull the trigger sooner to launch your dreams and you are more prepared to recognize and seize opportunities that come your way.

Clarity of purpose and vision insures that your seed will grow quickly and grow strong!  It’s a grand accelerator!

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa