What Would It Mean In YOUR Life If You Could Do This Too?


One of the most helpful lessons I learned in my life is to not be emotionally attached to the outcome of my efforts. I know you just read the last line here but did you comprehend it? Think about that!  What would it mean to you in your life if you could give it all you’ve got and then let it go?Health

When this idea was first presented to me I began working to incorporate it into my life; I recall it acting as a great filter and being very effective in helping me to let go of stress.  An example of the application of this executive coaching concept in my life played out like this:

It had been an extremely long day in real estate.  I was working on a transaction that had been very difficult to put together.  Things had been touch and go with this deal for the past several days.  This transaction stood to Net me about $12,000 and it was during a time that I could really use the income.  That evening I was watching the Yankees play and hanging the clothes that had accumulated in the chair in the corner of my bedroom all week when I realized my gut was in knots.  I was really worried about this deal falling!  I asked myself this question:

Have you done all you can do to make this thing go? 

The answer was NO!  I could send one more email offering one final perspective in the negotiation.  I immediately dropped the clothes I was hanging, went to my office and sent the email.  As I entered back into my bedroom, turned the game back on and started again hanging the clothes my mind was at peace.  There was an over-riding feeling that was speaking to me saying:

“You’ve done your best; now forget the rest.”

Now in my daily efforts; I have with me a great sense of peace no matter what it is I am in the midst of.  After all I can do, I let it go and expect great things!  I hope you can too.

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa




Here Comes The BOOM!


The wonderful thing about a movie is its ability to capsulate the influence of a person’s life into two hours.

As I watched “Here Comes the Boom” tonight I couldn’t help but see in this funny and inspiring story the importance purpose plays in our lives.

Kevin James plays a 42-year-old high school biology teacher (Scott Voss) who begins moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter in order to raise money for the school where he works. His goal is to save the music program and the job of his friend, the music instructor (played by Henry Winkler.)

What touched me was the commitment and passion “Mr. Voss” exhibited in the face of almost overwhelming odds. Through his commitment and genuine concern for the needs of all those in his sphere of influence he accomplishes the seemingly impossible.

As Mr. Voss stepped forward not knowing before-hand how he was to accomplish this task or even if he could accomplish it, he grew in confidence and strength. The people he needed for his journey and opportunities he needed seemed to come out of nowhere and move him one step closer to his goal. He faced each new grueling day with faith and courage and he was strengthened in his resolve. Through the process, his passion for teaching returned and he accomplished his goal.

He had a burning passion tied to a purpose greater than himself!

Later as I reflected on my life, I wished for a moment, for the gift that was given to George in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the gift to see the impact my life has had on the lives of others. It’s not so easy to capsulate a real life, like they can in a movie, but what I do know for sure is that when our goals are tied to a purpose greater than ourselves everything becomes possible and fulfillment and happiness is the gift we receive.

My Productivity Challenge for 2013 is proving to be very beneficial. As I have become intentional around trying to understand “Discipline” (what I deem the great human struggle,)  I am beginning to believe that Purpose is the cornerstone of all discipline.

Am I wrong?

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa



I recently watched a BBC Production called Planet Earth. In it they showed one of the most majestic scenes I have ever seen. The Iguazu Falls!  It’s situated on the borders of Brazil and Argentina.  It’s where the rivers journey to the sea.  Being one of the largest water falls in the world it runs one and a half miles across and empties 3,434,236 gallons of water per second!  As I viewed this amazing spectacle I realized with everything inside me… I BELIEVE IN ABUNDANCE!

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question:  Do I believe in abundance?

I think many people don’t. Worse than that, many people do believe in abundance… just not for them.  They believe abundance is for the lucky ones, the chosen ones.  I disagree.

Abundance begins with productivity and productivity begins with intention.  Intention begins with purpose.  If you have something in your life that you love to do, something you would do for free forever, that’s your clue to your purpose.  Get intentional around that gift and ask yourself how can I monetize this?  How can I share this gift with the world?


Remember, God will only give to us what he knows will flow through us.  Lets be rivers not reservoirs.

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa