THINK & Grow Rich


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First published in 1937, Napoleon Hills Think & Grow Rich remains a leader in the “self-help” genre.  The very title reveals its secret to success.  THINK!The society in which we now live not only does not support creative thinking but successfully impedes it!  We live in a seemingly constant barrage of information, entertainment and technology.  From the moment our alarms starts to blast out the song playing at that particular moment on the radio alarm our thoughts begin responding to the all the competing forces.  With all this responding… What then of original, deep, concentrated thought?  Does it exist anymore?

I would say that it do not.  Unless however, we are successful in becoming intentional around creating an environment where we are supported to think deeply and creatively over a sustained period of time.

Because I am an “empty nester,” for me this is easier than for most.  I have complete control over my environment.  In my home and in my life I control my environment with  a high level of intentionality.  I create an environment that supports critical and creative thinking.

From the moment I awake, to an alarm clock chirping with birds, through to the evening, I ensure my environment is not interrupted by back ground noise of the television (unless I am choosing to give it my full attention.)  I listen to music that uplifts my mind and increases the creative flow.  I also time block to ensure no unplanned interruptions.  In this way I can stay in sustained creative thought over long periods of time to produce a higher level of thinking.

Where are you supported to think beyond where you are currently thinking?  Do you have a thinking place?

Onward & Upward My Friends, Lisa


2 thoughts on “THINK & Grow Rich

    • I am wondering if your study has a nice overstuffed chair… My office is my “study” but I’ve been thinking lately that I could create a better “thinking place” if I had an overstuffed chair! Every little thing really matters No?


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